Superslot (2 slots) para sistema inalámbrico - para Serie-8


Disponibilidad : A finales de Juño

El SL-2 ofrece una fácil integración de múltiples canales de conectividad inalámbrica, mezcla, grabación y administración de energía en un paquete liviano y fácil de usar. El SL-2 simplifica la interconexión entre los mixers de la serie 8 (Scorpio, 888 y 833) y múltiples canales inalámbricos al aceptar dos receptores de ranura dual de canal. El SL-2 ofrece toda la alimentación y la interconexión de audio para receptores de ranura estándar y control y monitoreo adicionales cuando se usa con receptores compatibles con SuperSlot ™.


DISPONIBILIDAD : a finales de Juño

Referencia CINESOL : SD-SL-2

  • Compatible con todos los aparatos de la serie 8 : 833, 888 y Scorpio.
  • Acepta 2 UniSlot o SuperSlot receptores inalámbricos de Audio Ltd, Lectrosonics, Sennheiser, Sony y Wisycom.  
  • Built-in antenna distribution with antenna powering for active antennas or boosters.
  • Supports remote control of third party smart antennas.
  • Two auxiliary MCX antenna ports for connecting other receivers or RF distribution.
  • Two TA3 AES3 inputs for an additional 4 channels of digital audio.
  • Two DC Outputs via Hirose 4-pin connectors, each supplying up to 500 mA.
  • Powers via an 8-Series mixer-recorder.
  • Accepts either analog or digital audio from slot-in receivers.
  • Ability to set and monitor multiple functions of a SuperSlot-compatible receiver from the 8-Series mixer-recorder. Power on/off
  • Set frequency 
  • RF Scan with visual representation of the RF spectrum
  • Monitor transmitter battery, receiver audio, and RF levels
  • Rugged, lightweight, and compact design.
  • Mounts to the top of any 8-Series mixer-recorder. 
  • Same width as the 833.

Sistemas Inalámbricos compatibles con el SL-2 :

El Superslot es un sistema con norma abierta. Por lo tanto, admite receptores inalámbricos de varios fabricantes, lo que le permite utilizar su marca favorita, así como aprovechar su inversión actual en transmisores y receptores:

  • Audio Ltd A10-RX
  • Lectrosonics SRb (con la actualización audio board de Lectrosonics)
  • Lectrosonics SRc
  • Lectrosonics SRc-941
  • Sennheiser EK-6042
  • Sony DWR-S03D (en una actualización futura)
  • Wisycom MCR42 (con el adaptador de panel posterior SLK42-IKSS de Wisycom)
  • Wisycom MCR54 (en una actualización futura)

Preguntas Frecuentes : 

What exactly is the SL-2?

The SL-2 is a two slot-in wireless receiver integration system that easily mounts to the top panel of any 8-Series mixer-recorder. It accepts UniSlot and SuperSlot™ wireless receivers from a variety of manufacturers. Power to the SL-2 and receivers is supplied by the 8-Series mixer-recorder – no external DC connector is needed on the SL-2. Analog or digital audio is sent from the receivers into the mixer-recorder via the expansion port, reducing messy cabling for power and audio connectivity. The SL-2 offers antenna distribution to slot-in receivers, spreading out the placement of antennas for better RF performance. The rear panel of the SL-2 is equipped with two TA3 connectors for an additional four inputs of AES3 audio.

What is SuperSlot? 

SuperSlot™ is an open, electro-mechanical connection specification, developed by Sound Devices, to simplify the interconnection of wireless audio transmitters and receivers with audio mixers and cameras for the entire industry to use. SuperSlot provides, power, audio, and control signals over a single multi-pin connection. SuperSlot-compatible products are offered by multiple manufacturers. Read more about SuperSlot here.

Which SuperSlot receivers are supported by SL-2? 

SuperSlot is an open standard, wireless receivers from several manufacturers are supported, allowing you to use your favorite brand, as well as leveraging your existing transmitter and receiver investment:

  • Audio Ltd A10-RX
  • Lectrosonics SRb (with audio board update from Lectrosonics)
  • Lectrosonics SRc
  • Lectrosonics SRc-941
  • Sennheiser EK-6042
  • Sony DWR-S03D (in future update)
  • Wisycom MCR42 (with SLK42-IKSS rear panel adapter from Wisycom)
  • Wisycom MCR54 (in future update)

What features of a given receiver does SuperSlot support? 

The 8-Series automatically powers all receivers slotted-in the SL-2 on and off with the mixer-recorder. After power on, the 8-Series mixer-recorder automatically sets the output of the receiver to analog or digital and sets the output level to achieve maximum dynamic range. The 8-Series menus provide access to RF scan, menus for receiver setup, RF frequency adjustment, TX status, RF and audio level monitoring, TX recording status, TX Limiter and overload status (A10-TX only) and more. Features available depend on the receiver in use.

Will it work with all the 833, 888, and Scorpio mixer-recorders? 

Yes it will! It is the same width as the 833, making it a perfect fit for production bags.

How many receivers can I use? 

The SL-2 accepts 2 slot-in Unislot or SuperSlot wireless receivers.

How many channels per slot does the SL-2 support? 

The SL-2 supports the SuperSlot spec, which has always supported up to four audio channels per slot.

I see the SL-2 can support four channels per slot. How about the SL-6?

Even though the SuperSlot protocol supports four channels per slot, and several other functions, the SL-6 hardware can support only two channels per slot.

Will it power my antennas?

Yes. Both SMA antenna connectors provide 12 V bias power up to 500 mA.

Does the SL-2 support smart antennas? 

The SL-2 supports the Wisycom LFA-B-F1. Antenna filter frequency and gain is controlled directly from the 8-series/SL-2. All data is sent to the antenna using the BNC RF signal cable. This allows the antenna to be placed closer to the talent, significantly reducing the likelihood of RF dropouts.

Does the SL-2 have a battery slot?

We wanted to keep the size and weight of the SL-2 to a minimum so the SL-2 was designed to receive all necessary power from the 8-Series Mixer-Recorder.

Does the SL-2 have any power distribution? 

Yes it does! Based on feedback after the initial SL-2 announcement, we added two DC outputs via 4-pin Hirose connectors on the rear panel.
Each output can supply up to 500 mA.

Is there built in RF filtering?

Yes. The filtering is menu-selectable from the 8-Series user interface. More information about the filter options will be available in the future, but it does cover ranges of 470-1260 MHz.

Does the SL-2 have RF attenuators?

There are attenuators at the input of the RF stage that can be enabled in the 8-Series menus.

This is useful when experiencing heavy RF overload.

Can I use the SL-2 with my XL-AES? 

The SL-2 utilizes the same expansion port as the XL-AES so simultaneous use is impossible. However, the SL-2 does have two TA3 AES3 inputs for an additional 4 channels of digital audio.

Is there a ribbon cable or does it affix to the port directly? Can I move it?

The SL-2 connects directly to your 8-Series mixer-recorder without the use of ribbon cables. The SL-2 sits securely on top with the receivers facing you, allowing for ease of viewing while in your bag or on your cart.

Are there RF loop-through connectors?

Yes, these are intended as an extra set of RF connections to another receiver or distro.

Is the SL-2 stackable?

The SL-2 is designed to be as lightweight and small as possible, and thus does not include provisions for stacking. Future, larger SL products will include stacking.

Is there going to be a larger model with more slots?

The SL-2 is the first model of a new range of Superslot-based accessories which bring integrated multichannel wireless to the 8-Series Mixer-Recorders. More information will be available in the future.

How big is it? 

The SL-2 is the same width as the 833.

When will it ship?

June 2020

What is the warranty period for the SL-2?

Like all of our products, the SL-2 is guaranteed under our warranty for 2 years when you register at sounddevices.com.

Can I use it with my SL-6 on Scorpio at the same time? 

The SL-2 will not work in conjunction with the SL-6.

Will the SL-2 work with the 6-Series or MixPre II?

The SL-2 is an all-new design and will not work with the 6-Series or MixPre II Series.

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